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Long Term Effects

Shroom Addiction
Short Term Effects
Long Term Effects

Long Term Affects of Psilocybin

     There are not really any long term effects for the use of shrooms and no known deaths attributed to the use of them. Occasionally if someone takes shrooms who has a psychological problem they may become psychotic.
     After using mushrooms containing psilocybin regularly for less then a week your body will build up tolerance for the drug. This means that the user will not feel the high he is looking for from psilocybin. Usually the user will stop ingesting these mushrooms for a few days so that he can again achieve the feeling that he wants.

     Psychedelic mushrooms do not seem to cause the physical dependance that other drugs such as heroin and cocaine cause. But sometimes a user will think that they mentally need shrooms to achieve the feelings that they may crave.


click here to download a virtual psilocybin trip (note: you must have java for it to run but try it anyway.)


Psychedelic image that might occur during a trip on psilocybe mushrooms.

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